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Keeping our waters clean, one job at a time.

A.C.C.P., INC. - Allied Contamination Control and Protection

Solving business problems since 1965, ACCP formerly known as ACS opened our doors in Houston Texas in July 1976. Serving the Houston area as consultants specializing in data processing, personnel, and finance. In 1989, we were contracted by a major waste removal firm  as part of a design team for the development of a World Wide Medical Waste Tracking System. This project opened our eyes to the world of environmental services. In 1993, we begin to formulate plans to open our own Medical Waste Removal company and in November 1994, we begin transporting medical waste under the control of TNRCC (now known as TCEQ). Our first month, we had revenues of a grand total of $250.00 US, not a real great start, but we stuck it out. We built this business up to a total of 350 customers before selling the medical waste business in 1998.

One of the reasons we sold the medical waste business was due to adding the APHIS/MARPOL operation. In 1995 while still in the medical waste transportation business, we made inquiries about transporting USDA/USCG regulated waste. After months of effort, we finally signed a Compliance Letter with USDA in July 1996 to transport USDA regulated waste. We were one of three companies in the Houston area to offer this service. In Feb 2000, we applied for and received permission from USDA to treat APHIS waste at our own facility. By May 2000 we had built our USDA/MARPOL pollution control facility to treat USDA/APHIS/MARPOL. At about the same time we opened a recycling facility to process dunnage from vessels. We invested $915,000 in trucks, excavators, open top containers, and a shredder in order to better serve our customers. This meant that we would not have to contract outside firms to satisfy the needs of our customers ensuring the kind of service they demand.

Over the years we introduced the following improvements to the ports we service:
  1. Use of USDA 'Cookers' for the needs of Cruise ships, Navy vessels, and other large waste needs. This is especially efficient for vessels required to remain in port over extended periods of time since they can expect a FIXED cost.
  2. Metal and Plastic 55-gallon drums to transport USDA regulated waste. Prior to this vendors such as ourselves were forced to use paper boxes, something that proved useless in water bound locations such as ship docks.
  3. Leak Proof 1-cubic meter Cargo bags for larger quantities.
  4. 'Megabags' - 90 gallon 4 mil plastic bags for loose trash such as paper, cans, and other light trash items.
  5. Shrink-wrapped pallets of 1-cubic meter dimensions for cruise vessels.
  6. We treat all waste as 'co-mingled'. Under USDA regulations, any waste that comes in contact with regulated waste becomes automatically regulated.
Since July 1996, we have removed, transported, and treated over 27,000 jobs; not bad when you consider we only did 8 jobs our first month in business. You aren't dealing with the new guy on the street. We know what we are doing! We've never had a complaint from a ship about our service. It is not unusual to see written on our manifest, "Good Job!".

Our Services include:
  • Full service : three- 2 men crew
  • USDA compliant supplies
  • No dock-side charge for labor: We bag up the waste in accordance with our USDA Complaint Agreement
  • Fully insured to enter any dock where waste removal is allowed
  • Fully enclosed vehicle in accordance with USDA regulations
  • Courtesy and professionalism
  • Our crew is provided with all necessary safety equipment
  • All waste removed is fully listed on manifest in quantity and volume.
  • Waste is removed in the most efficient and cost conscience method available
  • Cradle to grave documentation is always available upon request
  • Inspected routinely by USDA, US Customs, Homeland Security, US Border Protection
  • Approved USDA treatment facility: To ensure protection of our environment, we treat all waste removed as being "co-mingled" even when it is not APHIS waste. Why?
    When the waste is loaded on our truck, it becomes part of several other loads where APHIS is usually present. When this happens the entire truck is co-mingled as far as we are concerned. We would rather fall on the side of caution and it doesn't cost you any extra.
  • Weight means nothing to us. We do not charge by the pound; we charge by volume - saving you money.
  • Can your cost be estimated easily? You bet! Simply multiply your expected volume in cubic meters by $289/m3 and you have the estimated cost before discount of 30%.
    This greatly depends upon type of waste involved, in other words, plastic is not the same as oily rags.
  • Special rates for exclusive customers.
We welcome any improvements suggested by our customers. Have questions?
Please contact us via e-mail: or call 281-499-8164.